Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mo-mo almost got an older sister.

Today Mo-mo and I went to the waterpark.  We sat in the shallow baby area, playing with her rubber ducky.

A seven year old girl started staring at us and inching closer and closer.  Eventually she was sitting right next to us.  She kept staring intently at me until she burst out with, "You look like my brother's girlfriend's friend's violin teacher!"


Later, when Mo-mo and I were tubing through the lazy river, she passed us in an inner-tube and cackled in a very good evil villain voice, "SO WE MEET AGAIN!"

I almost stole her and took her home with me just to hear what she'd say next, but I figured Batman wouldn't approve.

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  1. This entire post was spectacular. I can just picture that little girl, now. LOL