Tuesday, June 8, 2010

In a funk. And not the fun music type, like on Glee.

So I've been out of sorts for a bit.  This whole not-having-a-job thing is getting me down.  Oh, and the not-living-in-my-own-house thing.  And the not having money is kind of a bummer too.

I'm awesome at multi-tasking.  I juggled full-time grad school and making a 4.0, working part time, being the president of a student organization, organizing a charity walk, taking care of my awesome daughter, being a loving wife, and keeping the house semi-clean all at the same time.  Oh, and I actually had a social life.  So this stay at home mom action should be no problem, right?

Wrong.  I hate the lack of structure.  I'm also a stress organizer---when I get stressed, I organize and clean.  I can't really do that here. 

Give me a paper to write, give me an event to organize, give me a meeting to plan, and I'm a rockstar.  Give me day after day of having no definitive deadlines or things to do, and I start wearing pajamas until two p.m. and watching seven episodes of Buffy and eating box after box of old Girl Scout cookies  (really parents?  WHY ARE THERE STILL THIN MINTS IN THE FRIDGE?  Well, there were.  Until I ate them all.) 

I constantly talk to Mo-mo, even in public places.  It's a running commentary of what is going on around me.  I also make sound effects when I'm pushing her around in a cart, and I pretend it's a space shuttle.   

It's embarrassing when I realize that people actually listen to me.  I had someone direct me to the bananas when I asked my daughter where she thought they were in the grocery store. 

Anyways, I'm taking steps towards unfunkifying myself.  (Defunkify?  Dial back the funk?  Whatever you call it, I'm going to quit throwing myself pity parties.)

I've been exercising at the YMCA.  They  have a nursery there too and Mo-mo seems to love hanging out with other babies.  I have my ever-constant craft projects (one is almost finished, I'll post it soon).  I'm taking a cake decorating class at Michael's.

I met this fabulous guy at my friend's wedding on Friday.  He works at Sephora and he's "passionate" about skin care.  And he loves to do makeovers.  I could do with a new look.  My current look is best described as vampiric pale without the sexy creature of the night allure. 


Oh my god!  I'm blinded by the pale!

Yeah.  I'm not saying that I'm going to go out and get myself a lovely fake orange tan, but I could stand to get a little sun.  I've also been wearing the exact same shade of eyeshadow for the last four years or so.  It's time for a change!  My wardrobe deficiencies (too numerous to name) shall have to wait until I have income.     


  1. in a funk as well- not fun at all. seems to be going around. but taking steps toward getting back to "you" rather than waiting for it to come naturally puts you way ahead of the game. I hope it all gets better soon; I'm rooting for you! you deserve it!

  2. You are one of my favorite people. I am proud of you. Don't worry, I spent the day on my paper. I will give you something to do in the near future. Unfortunately though, it will not be fun or make you any money...

  3. If you want a paper to write, I can help you out. . .Where shall I send the case studies? ;)

  4. I totally feel you. I have reorganied our room three times since the wedding. I need more stimulating things to do all day but sometimes I am too depressed to even try.

    On another note, Mr. Sephora guy loves makeovers and will totally help you get started on one if you would like. He's really good about helping you do it ona budget as well. My wedding make up cost about $52. Just let me know if you want his number

  5. Thanks for the happy thoughts, ya'll!