Saturday, November 21, 2009

Checking it twice

I'm borrowing this blogger's idea: make a list of 101 things to do within 1001 days. I'm a habitual list maker so I love the idea. I decided to organize mine into categories to keep track of them better. I have about 2.75 years to accomplish the following (or until September 19, 2012):

NOTE: BLOGGER ATE SOME OF THESE GOALS AND ERASED THEM AS I TRIED TO CHECK THEM OFF. It doesn't like the strikethrough function and it's a bit buggy. Hope those goals were't important to my future happiness and success.

5. Take the LSAT
6. Create a long term plan for what sort of career I would like

9. Start a college fund for Mo-mo

15. Go trick or treating with Mo-mo
16. Get Mo-mo baptized
17. Take Mo-mo to a Cardinal's game
18. Buy Mo-mo '09 wine to open on her 21st birthday
19. Write a letter to Mo-mo to open on her 18th birthday
20. Join a mommy group
21. Make a Christmas ornament with Mo-mo

23. Finish filling out Mo-mo's baby book

Arts and Crafts
23. Learn to make a fondant cake

25. Learn to knit
26. Make pumpkin pie from scratch.

28. Complete at least 25% of my large "painting" cross-stitch
29. Make a set of baby hair clips
30. Sew a piece of clothing using a pattern

Lobster bisque counts!
33. Make a raggedy quilt


35. Take a dancing class with Batman
36. Take a wine tasting class
37. Visit brother in Boston
38. Take a martial arts class
39. Go skiing! (for the first time)
40. Attend a concert of one of my favorite bands.
41. Go camping
42. Visit siblings-in-laws in Lansing
43. Ride bike on the Katie Trail
44. Stay at a B & B
45. Play a round of golf
46. Fire a gun at the shooting range
47. Spend the night at the Lemp Mansion
48. Go line dancing with the in-laws
49. Visit Europe with Batman OR save up $3,000 towards trip
50. Attend a sci-fi convention
51. Read five "great" works of literature that I've never read before
52. Have a night out with friends A and C
53. See something at the Fox Theatre

55. Go tubing down the river
56. Eat at the only five star restaurant in St. Louis--Tony's
57. Do something amazingly special for our 5th wedding anniversary
58. Read poetry at a poetry slam

In the House
59. Decorate the outside of the house for Christmas
60. Purchase at least two large, framed, art prints
61. Organize old photos into albums

63. Start an herb garden

65. Decorate the outside of the house for Halloween
66. Purchase a matching set of living room furniture
67. Host a family holiday party at my house
68. Get a matching set of kitchen dishes
69. Organize files
70. Collect five more Painted Ponies (2/5)

Physical appearance/health
71. Complete the 30 day shred
72. Get acrylic nails
73. Buy new *quality* make-up

75. Lose those last 10 pounds to get down to my pre-pregnancy weight
76. Whiten teeth for 1 month

77. Write two chapters of novel that I've been working on forever

79. Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years
Thanks ya'll!
81. Write five new poems (0/5)

83. Draft a will
84. Clean out everything from my room at parent's house
85. Find a church to attend
86. Pay off $7,000 of debt

88. Write a letter to a congressman
89. Give blood at least three times (1/3)
90. Write down everything we spend for one month
91. Make Batman breakfast in bed
92. Back up everything on external hard drive
93. Read up about a complex political decision
94. Buy a set of pearls
95. Start a holiday tradition

97. Become pregnant with my second child
98. Purchase a new car for Batman
99. Teach the dogs to behave on a leash
100. Find a "mommy friend"
101. For every goal I accomplish, put away $10. When it hits Sept 19, 2012 do something fun with that money.

Edit: This list project is a lot bigger than I was aware of when I first started. If you google "101 in 1001" you can see many bloggers have already done this!
96. Move to St. Louis
87. Inspire someone else to start a "101 in 1001" list
82. Keep a food diary for a week
80. Get at least 25 followers to my blog
78. Update blog at least two times a week for four months
74.Drink nothing but water for two weeks
64. Frame 4 photos (4/4)
62. Have a garage sale
54. Go scuba diving
34. Make some sort of toy for Mo-mo (felt food, "Hide and Seek" pillow, taggie blanket, etc.)
32. Learn to make an excellent crab bisque
31. Finish the cross-stitch cats for stepmom
27. Organize recipes.
24. Cross-stitch a Christmas stocking for Mo-mo
22. Plan and execute a successful 1st birthday party for Mo-mo
14. Get Mo-mo's picture taken with Santa
13. Bring Mo-mo to Faust park to see the Butterfly House and ride the carousel
12. Take a water babies class with Mo-mo
11. Bring Mo-mo to the zoo
10. Breastfeed until Mo-mo is at least six months old
8. Send out five job applications by Feb 1, 2010 (5/5)
7. Become proficient in GIS mapping software.
4. Finish my master's research paper.
3. Get a professional job
2. Raise more than $20,000 for the MS Walk in April 2010
1. Graduate with my master's degree with a 4.0 GPA