Monday, May 24, 2010

We have to go back to the island.

I am totally unfulfilled.  By the season finale of Lost, that is.

I admit, there is hardly any explanation that I would have been 100% content with.  But I think I would have much preferred an alternate timeline theory or something to the real-life-seeming-purgatory explanation.

Batman and I started watching Lost solely because of my Uncle Robert.  My uncle is a very large, very southern man who attempted to explain season one by telling us that he thinks that there are mole-men around the island, dinosaurs that eat people, and a young baby who may or may not be the anti-Christ but he was pretty sure he was because a psychic sent him to get stranded on the island and why else would he do that to a baby?

My uncle painted quite a compelling picture.  Batman and I decided we HAD to try this show.  And we've been hooked ever since.

There have been the lame moments.  Nikki and Pablo?  Remember those two from Season 2?  They were a waste of space.  This last season was also annoying at times with introducing random important plot points rather than making it seem organic or actually woven into a story line.  It's my pet-peeve when you read a trilogy that has a fourth book tacked on--it just feels, well, tacked on.  This last season was kind of like that.

Speaking of important moments in people's life...Hey Sayid, remember her?

Yeah, that's Nadia.  The chick you have loved forever, mooned over, despaired over, and ultimately didn't become evil for?  SHOULDN'T SHE BE GOING TO HEAVEN WITH YOU, instead of that skanky Shannon?

How about Aaron?  Dear kid, your life was so unimportant that you get to go to the afterlife as a baby.  Sucks to be you.

Also sucks to be Jack's imaginary son.  Sorry dude, you don't actually exist.

Walt and Micheal, I am sad to see neither of you.  But then again it couldn't explain Walt's age, I suppose.  I would have loved to see Mr. Ekko too...but I just thought his prayer/beating stick was cool. 

I also thought that Ji Yeon would be featured somehow at some point--as that she is the ONLY human being ever conceived on the island.  That we know of.

Okay, enough bitching.  I love the series still.  I'm going to miss watching it every Wednesday with Batman (yeah, we had to wait till it was out on Hulu).  And I'll admit it: I teared up when Sun and Jin flashed, and when Claire gave birth in like two minutes.   

Farewell, hunky angry-eyes Sawyer.  I will miss you, Sayid the torturrah.  Kate, you always are and always were useless.  Jack, no farewell to you because you're kind of whiny and you cry a lot.  Locke, you were of yourself.  Ben, you were quite good at being creepy.  Desmond, you were pretty nifty with your special abilities and button pushing and nice accent.

 Hurley, you are my favorite and get extra hugs for being awesome.  I'm glad you took care of the island.

Goodbye, Losties.     


  1. UGH. That's all I have to say regarding the finale. If you believe the show was character-driven then you would have enjoyed the finale. I did in that sense. But I am more of a plot-driven person and LOST was a plot-driven show! So many unanswered questions. It's frustrating. I mean the biggest question for the 1st 3 seasons was the significance of the numbers. Come on, how could they not give us some sort of closure on this? Sorry I had to vent, lol.

  2. Beth, you pose some interesting points. I especially like your uncle's description of the first season. I think you hit the nail on the head with the "tacking it on" explanation. And I too was peeved that Sayid's heaven was with freakin' Shannon. In the end though, I agree, I will always love LOST. Thanks to you and Batman for bringing us into the LOST inner circle!

    P.S. I heart Desmond.