Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Shape of an L on my forehead

 Batman and I have finished our degrees and we are moving from southern Illinois to St. Louis.  

Exciting, right?  Batman is done with law school and I'm finished earning my master's in public administration.  We're ready to start our adult life, start paying off some debt, and maybe even thinking about owning a house.....right?

Hahahahahahahaha.   No.

Neither of us have jobs.  Batman at least has an excuse, as it is very difficult to get hired until he passes the bar exam.  We're living in my parents basement indefinitely.  The plus side is that my parents are very nice people and we'll be saving quite a bit of money.  We've lived with them before for a summer (two summers actually) between internships and moving.

The downside is that no matter what, it's still living with my parents as an adult.  I feel like a bad stereotype:  playing World of Warcraft in my parents' basement, unemployed, eating the snacks my stepmom provides.

Have I mentioned that I turn into a sloth when I live with my folks?  They a) believe in  eating ridiculous amounts great food and b) keep the house quite cold.  It makes me want to hibernate.


So here's my plan:  
1) Apply for jobs.  Duh.
2) If I do not get a job by the time that Batman is finished with his bar review class in early July, I will start doing temp work.  I have mad data-entry skills.
3) Try not to go insane.  You know, without my own space or my own kitchen or all of my books.  
4) Do some cool things with Mo-mo.  I'm going to be living in a bonafide city...I intend to take advantage of it.
5) Do some projects.  I have a list.  I always do.  I'll share them with you all as I work on them.      

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  1. You can also visit Meat in his really hip town nearby.