Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Searching for inspiration

So #50 on my 101 list is to attend a science fiction convention.  In a very lucky turn of events, St. Louis's yearly science fiction/fantasy convention called Archon is being hosted this year at Westport Plaza.  Only five minutes from my parents' house!
Even cooler, they have a masquerade contest (i.e. a costume contest).  Have I mentioned that I LOVE costumes?  As in, I dressed up as a pirate for multiple Pirates of the Caribbean movies.  And a vampire for a random Blade movie.  And I trick-or-treated every single year until I turned 18.  And...well, you get the point.  I really like costumes. 

I admit, I usually hide my inner nerdiness quite well.  But I want to participate in this masquerade and go all out.  The problem is, I can't decide what to be. 

Option 1:  Death from the Sandman comic book series

I love me some Neil Gaiman.  But the only problem is that Batman is going to dress up with me...and there is no way he can be the Sandman.  I was thinking he'd make a good Destiny.

But if we started dressing up like the Endless, I'd want to go all out.  I may have convinced my friend Shortstuff and her fiance to dress up as Delirium and the Sandman (he's tall and skinny).  Shortstuff hates all things sci-fi but loves costumes...so we'll have to see what wins out.

Then all we're missing is Desire, Despair and Destruction. 

Option 2:  Fiona and Shrek and Puss 'N Boots
Batman would make an awesome Shrek.  Fiona would be fun too, I don't know if I'd do human Fiona or ogre Fiona.  Mo-mo would be awesome as Puss 'N Boots!

Option 3:  I have yet to figure out option 3.

Any suggestions?  My brother may dress up with us if I figure out something cool....the sky is the limit, we could do anything from literature, movies, TV, comic books....

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