Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My three bajillion dollar ideas

I basically have three ideas that I think could make a bajillion dollars. At least.

1. A Jean Store
A woman's jean store that sells ONLY jeans, all with length and waist measurements. Have a couple of different styles, a couple different shades of denim, and you're in business. Sell them for 40 dollars a pair. You know how many women have problems finding jeans that fit them? A million. So there's at least 40 million dollars right there.

2. Something like Tupperware but cooler
It should a) be able to stack b) should include a lid storage system and c) should be able to use a special marker to write on the outside it but the marker comes off in the disherwasher.

3. A cell phone/land-line
I'm envisioning a docking device that you plug your cell phone into and it hooks it up to the regular phones in your house. So you don't actually have a real land-line, it's just your cellphone can convert to use regular phones. Why do we need this? Because I can't hear my cellphone ringing in my purse when I'm in another room.

Yes. That is culmination of my brilliance. This is the sort of thing I think about when I'm driving.

EDIT: Apparently my 3rd idea already exists. I think that the company who created it was secretly listening in on my brain. And they need to publicize better.



    I got nothing for the tupperware

  2. Okay, so the docking thing is already created. Sigh.
    However, I stand by my jean idea. Women's Levis are not sold by length x waist sizes.