Thursday, September 2, 2010


As I've mentioned before, I love Halloween.

This year Mo-mo is big enough to actually trick or treat for maybe a half of a block.  Of course, I've started obsessing about what she should be.

There shall be no cutesy-pie ladybug dresses for my girl, nor any (shudders) Disney princesses.  There will be plenty of time for all that stuff when she's old enough to pick out her costume herself.  Here are the costumes I like:

1)  A Garden Gnome

Pros:  Adorable.  Hilarious.
Cons:  Would she actually keep the hat on?  Probably not.

2)  Unicorn Pegasus

Pros:  It's a UNICORN-PEGASUS!  Not just one or the other but an unholy hybrid of horse mythology.  Plus it's cute.  And warm.
Cons:  I could see her getting frustrated with the hoof-gloves.

3.  Monarch Butterfly

 Pros:  Flippin' adorable.
Cons:  Kind of bulky and may be hard to manuever.  Plus it's a bit expensive.

4.  R2D2

Pros:  Delightfully nerdy.
Cons:  Delightfully nerdy.

Any favorites?  Any suggestions?  I even made a poll for you to vote--it's up in the top right corner of the page. 


  1. I vote for garden gnome. Even if she does take the hat off, she will still pass as a little German child.

  2. She still may be Toby for the sci-fi convention, but that's at the beginning of October, not necessarily for Halloween. Plus I actually have to do work for that costume so we'll see if that happens.

  3. I agree with pp's... the gnome is super cute, still girly and totally original! Plus, she'll fit in the stroller, if you choose to bring one, without having to stuff wings inside. Don't forget to post about your final choice... WITH LOTS OF PICS!

  4. Garden Gnome is very cute. And it could be a 'sew at home' project.. looks simple enough. Of course, that's coming from the grandma who hasn't finished Momo's baby blanket :P

  5. I will very happily help you sew whatever costume needs you have. It will give me an excuse to go buy the new sewing machine I've been coveting.

  6. I like the garden gnome best as a stand alone. But if Halloween becomes a family affair, Han Solo, Princess Leia and R2D2 would be super cute and would become my top pick.

  7. My niece is going to be a garden gnome. For Mo-mo, I vote unicorn/pegasus. That panders more toward your love of horses.

  8. Thanks for the opinions, everyone! I just ordered the garden gnome outfit from Target.