Saturday, August 28, 2010

Updating the numbers.

Guess what?

That's right, I am awesome--so awesome that someone decided to hire me.  But not as a starship captain. Which is unfortunate.  Who cares that I never went to the Academy, I would rock at that job.

I will now have a lot less time to write mildly amusing blog posts about nothing.  Don't cry, I know how upsetting that will be for my devoted fan base of approximately four people (and one of them isn't even related to me!  Boo-yah!)   

On the plus side, I will be able to feed and clothe my family.  And buy books, which is always important.  Oh, and the job is actually very neat.

This leads to an awkward segueway....of a list update!

3. Get a professional job.
I have a job.  I'm using both my degree and professional experience, which is great.  I'm working with an education non-profit organization to plan events and raise money through individual giving.  Tons of work but I'm loving it.  

54. Go scuba diving

Cozumel.  Family scuba diving.  Evil Dr. Porkchop, stepmother, Batman, Meat, and ....stepbrother who needs a faux name all scuba-dive.  I hadn't been in over five years, back when I was in Fiji.  It was AMAZING!  I saw sea turtles, sharks, lobsters, mantarays, and lots and lots of little brightly colored fish.

Batman managed to brush up against some coral and come home with a nasty rash that spread and oozed and blistered for a couple of days.  He ended up scrubbing it out, pouring vinegar and rubbing alcohol on it, and it finally stopped spreading.  It's semi-healed now.

I bet you're so happy that I have a blog, so that I can share such marvelous stories about rashes with you. 

Things from the list I did but didn't blog about because I'm lazy and so feel guilty about not mentioning before now

1. Graduate with my master's degree with a 4.0 GPA

7. Become proficient in GIS mapping software.

11. Bring Mo-mo to the zoo

22. Plan and execute a successful 1st birthday party for Mo-mo

62. Have a garage sale

78. Update blog at least two times a week for four months

80. Get at least 25 followers to my blog

96. Move to St. Louis

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