Sunday, August 15, 2010

Five reasons that my toddler is awesome.

Okay, I know that every parent thinks that their child is the smartest, cutest, most amazing child in the world.  But this is different.  My daughter really is.  

The first year of life was pretty nifty.  She figured out the basics of rolling over, crawling, walking, and a bit of talking.  But I have a feeling that this next year is going to be really fun...

1)  She has advance problem-solving skills.  She couldn't reach the doorknob, so she pulled a book off the shelf, pushed it by the door, and stood on it.

2)  Everything is "monkey-see, monkey-do".  She tries to use the furminator on the cats.  She steals keys and tries to use them on the door.  If she's yelling and you shush her, she shushes you right back.

3) She adores cats and dogs.  She pets cats with a minimum amount of smacking.  If there's a dog on TV, she makes a sound like a very excited tea kettle and yells "BUPBUP" (puppy).

4) If you pretend to be asleep, she'll come up and poke your mouth.  That is your cue to pretend to wake up and eat her hand and growl like a monster.  She'll run away squealing-- until you close your eyes again.

5) She sings.  Okay, that doesn't sound too impressive.  But it's still really freakin' cute.  And she isn't quite up to mimicking all the words so most songs just sound like "Bah-bah-bah".  We've actually renamed patty-cake in our house, it's now called "Bah-bah-bah".

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