Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Done and done.

4. Finish my master's research paper. 
All done.  "Single Parents on Campus: Designing Programs for Support" is turned into both the graduate school and the MPA office.  Nifty.

2. Raise more than $20,000 for the MS Walk in April 2010
We raised about $19,500 so I suppose it's close enough to count.  I had tons of family and friends come and support me and the cause. 

Top row: Lacy, Batman, Meat aka my brother, Father Bee.
Second row: me and Mo-mo, I was going to say Mrs. Meat but she deserves a nicer nickname than that so we'll just say my awesome sister-in-law, Batman's Momma, and Stepmom Bee.  

Notes about nicknames:
Sorry Lacy, you're the only one who doesn't get a secret blog identity.  I can give you one if you really want me to.  Ummm....your new name is Shortstuff.  So that's Shortstuff on the top left.  She's going to teach me how to knit and help me write up a will, so she will be featured in this blog again.
Meat aka my brother chose his own name in a drunken discussion with Batman two years ago.  Mrs. Meat needs a nicer nickname but I want to go watch Lost on Hulu, so I have a limited attention span. We'll just call her Dee.

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  1. Batman bestowed Meat on me when I gave him his true nickname; Spoonhead. I did not choose it myself, it chose me. And we can ammend Dee to Sweet Dee.