Friday, March 26, 2010

Progress report

I'm doing pretty good with my "101 things in 1001" days list (see sidebar for a link to the complete list.) So far I have I've blogged about twelve of them.

I've also recently done:

12. Take a water babies class with Mo-mo

The first class was last week. I forgot to take pictures, I'll take some tomorrow and post them soon. Mo-mo was unsure of what she thought of it and had a furrowed brow the entire time.

82. Keep a food diary for a week

What I've found out: I eat a ton of saturated fat. And I need to start eating breakfast because I don't snack as often when I do.

So I've crossed off 14 items in 125 days. I'm tempted to make a chart to show my progress but perhaps my love of graphs should be kept to myself.

The next two months are crazy--there are about eight different goals (most revolving around events or graduation) that I hope to accomplish.

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