Saturday, February 20, 2010

# 34. Taggie Toy

Number 34 from my list: Make some sort of toy for Mo-mo (felt food, "Hide and Seek" pillow, taggie blanket, etc.)

I have a list of crafts that I want to make one day. I think this pillow is pretty awesome, and who doesn't need a felt Mr. Potato Head?

I've had this page on how to make a taggie monster bookmarked for the past four months. I was feeling crafty yesterday (and I'm doing the finishing touches on Mo-mo's stocking) so I decided it was time to try something new. One trip to Hobby Lobby and $13 later, I was ready to start sewing. I even have enough supplies left over to make two more!

Instead of a monster, I decided that Mo-mo needed a taggie cat. It took about three hours to make.

It's lumpy, lopsided, but I'm still proud of it. Next time around I'm going to make it a little fatter and add a couple more tags.

I'm slightly obsessed with making more now--I think that'll be my go-to gift for new babies. Anyone want me to make one for them? There's so much I could add to it--embroidering initials, more tags, various fabric textures...

Edit: Here she is, she really likes it!


  1. This is *so* cute! I love how you made it into a cat.

  2. Maybe in a few years you can make me one :)