Thursday, January 7, 2010

Yet another update

I've accomplished some more of my goals.

10. Breastfeed until Ellie is at least six months old.
Formula feeding is okay. Not great, not wonderful.

31. Finish the cross stitch cats for Carol
I deserve HUGE kudos for this one. I started this without realizing how big of a project it would be. I think I began working on it over two years ago.
Here are the finished products:

And because this lone photo can't begin to describe how awesome they turned out, here are some close-ups. For any person who does not know what cross stitch is, it's making an image out of tiny little stitched "X"s. Yes, every single one of these "pixels" is a hand-stitched X.

They are throw pillows with my stepmom's three cats: Bounce, Feather, and Marigold. I had the pattern created online from photos.

32. Learn to make an excellent crab bisque
Lobster bisque totally counts.

I've made progress towards:
70. Collect five more Painted Ponies (2/5)
Whoo-hoo for accomplishing goals!

1 comment:

  1. First, the cross stitch cats are awesome and totally masochistic. I'm working on a project started in 2006.

    Second, where does one find these painted ponies? I love it!