Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Reoccurring Kind

I have reoccurring dreams. I go through years of having the same sort of dream, over and over again. There's been five of them--and I'm comfortable sharing four of them.

1. Teeth Falling Out

Apparently this is one of the top ten most common dreams. I had this dream throughout high school and college. A tooth would feel loose, I'd wiggle it, and it would fall out. Then another, then another. It got to the point when I'd start to think in my dream, "Oh crap, this is exactly like my dreams!"

Symbolism? There's a bunch of crap on the internet with various theories, but I think it was general anxiety about growing up and figuring my life out.

2. Ex-Boyfriend giving guilt trips

Basically it's a dream about my ex-boyfriend laying various guilt trips on me. He's dying of cancer and it's my fault, I ruined his life and it's my fault, blah blah blah.

Symbolism? I had a difficult break-up with my high school and college sweetie--and I felt bad about it. This one is a no-brainer.

3. Students run amok

This one started when--yeah, obvious--I started teaching. I still have it on occasion. My students just stop listening to me. First in little ways, like they won't get back into their seat. Then they start misbehaving more and more until they're making out with each other and running into the hallway and having fights (I taught middle school). I can get each one to behave if I focus on the individual but that doesn't help the group chaos--and as soon as I move on to the next, the first starts misbehaving again.

Symbolism? Teaching is hard. I fear the loss of control. And there are just some kids who give you nightmares.

4. Airports

This one is my more recent reoccurring dream. I'm on my way someplace awesome: Italy, Paris. I'm struggling to get to my gate on time. I forget my suitcase in the parking garage and have to go back through security to get it, then can't find my car. I'm bringing my cat, Anoosh, with me and she doesn't have a cat carrier. I realize that I forgot my passport at home. I forgot diapers and formula for my baby.

If by some miracle I make it on the airplane (which my dream has actually let me do once or twice), I always have a connecting flight to make. I never actually get to my destination.

Symbolism? My life is currently in a holding pattern as I try to get done with school and get back into the "real world". It's hard. I have a lot of things to juggle. And I can't wait to get there.


  1. Two comments on the teeth falling out dream;
    1) Denise has that dream all the time. I never have.
    2) Charlie, from Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia totally pulled his teeth out in an episode two seasons’s ago. Maybe it shows that you want to be like Charlie. Start huffing glue now.

  2. Not sure what that first comment is about or even who it is....I google translated it and it means "ah well...".

    I'm still keeping it up just for funsies.

  3. I have the dream about losing teeth, too. Generally, it happens when I'm really stressed, as if to say, "What else could go wrong? Ah, I could lose my teeth one-by-one!"