Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Welcome back, me.

Hello folks.  Nope, this isn’t The Whole Mommy Thing.  This is an entirely new, awesome, ground-breaking, riveting, blog.  Or blarg, if you will.

And by entirely new and ground-breaking, I mean it probably will be very similar to my old blog, but with more poop jokes.  I am in the middle of potty-training, after all.

So why the long hiatus?  I got busy.  I was working long hours for my job and didn’t have the time to keep up with writing.  I missed it and considered sporadically updating but I feel like if you’re going to have a blog, you should do it right.  So this is my attempt at “doing it right”.

(Deduct -10 points from your maturity quotient if you just thought that’s what she said and snickered to yourself.  I know I did.)

I am currently battling homemade-itis.  Somehow I got it into my mind that if I bake something from scratch, it’s not pathetic if I eat it all.  Eating 4 bags of double-stuff Oreos in two weeks?  Gross and pathetic.  Eating 4 batches of homemade cookies in two weeks?  Kudos to me for baking.  I must be freakin’ supermom.

Even worse, this baking binge started out as an attempt to make thank-you cookies for the next door neighbor, who gave us her daughter’s old Dora the Explorer dollhouse.  Somehow the cookies haven’t lasted long enough for me to put them on a plate and walk next door.  First, I’ll eat a couple because they’re just out of the oven.  Then, I have exactly enough to put on a plate and bring them over—but I can’t resist eating one more.  Then I say screw it and finish them all off because I know I can always make more.

I call my latest batch of cookies “I need an excuse to eat Reese’s peanut butter cups because they have the giant egg ones at the store for Easter and those things are amazing but may cause me to go into a diabetic coma”.  Here’s the recipe.  I’m warning you, they’re dangerous.

And I don’t think my neighbors are going to get any of them.

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