Monday, July 5, 2010

I totally forgot about humpbacks.

Batman and I are driving to his mom's house.  The song "White Liar" by Miranda Lambert comes on.  

Batman:  "The truth comes out a little at a time?"  That's kind of lame.

We drive in silence for a few minutes.

Batman:  Blue.

Me:  What?

Batman:  Is.

Me:  Yes?

Batman:  My.

Me:  Blue is your favorite color?  Yeah, I know that.

Batman:  You can't rush truth.  It has to come out a little at a time.

We drive in silence for a little longer.

Batman:  Whale.

Me:  What?

Batman:  Blue is my favorite whale.

Me:  That's grammatically incorrect.  And I don't even think that's true.

Batman:  Are you questioning my whale preference?

Me:  What about killer whales?

Batman:  They're not really whales so they don't count*.

Me:  Belugas?  They look kind of cool, all white with a big head.

Batman:  They look like moron whales.  They are the morons of the sea.

Me:  How about baleen whales?

Batman: They just suck stuff up.  (makes a sucking sound like a vacuum)  That's not cool.

Me:  Sperm whales?  Those should be good for at least a couple of jokes about their name.

Batman:   They creep me out because I imagine them swimming around the ocean like tadpoles searching for a giant egg.  What would happen if they find that egg?  What would it turn into?

Me:  What about whale sharks?

Batman:  Aren't those sharks?

Me:  Nah, they're whales**.

Batman:  Then they should be called shark whales.  Their name is backwards.  I don't like them. 

Me:  So blue whales.

Batman:  Yeah.  Totally my favorite.  Aren't you glad that the truth finally came out?***

*Not true.

**Also not true.  We seem to like excluding whales from the whale family.

***Not particularly.

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