Saturday, December 19, 2009


I like lists. I like creating them and crossing things off. I like organizing them by day, by subject. I go grocery shopping every other week and my lists are organized in the rough order of the layout of Walmart---toiletries first, frozen foods, snacks, canned goods, meat, fresh fruit and veggies.

Lists give me that warm and fuzzy feeling of accomplishment that most people get from, you know, actually accomplishing things. I contemplated asking for a fancy-dancy phone for Christmas just to have a new way to create and organize lists.

I'm not sure if I should be proud of this or not.

Here's my list of things to do before I leave for St. Louis next week.

1. Get eyebrows waxed. They are looking distinctly unibrowish.

2. Go to post office to stop mail.

3. Go to homeless shelter to donate canned goods and diapers.

4. Write up the minutes from the last MS Walk meeting and create a list of the larger businesses in Carbondale. It's embarassing how long I've been putting this off.

5. Transfer photos to flashdisk for my mother-in-law.

6. Pack.

7. Make cookies. I make an awesome no-bake chocolate peanut butter cookie. I made a batch two days ago and they're already gone. My grandma loves them so I need to hide some of these for her.

8. Finish stepmom's last cross-stitch cat. I'm so close to being done that I can taste it (tastes like thread?). I've been working on these things for like three years. And when I'm done, not only can I cross it off my 101 list, I can also start working on Mo-mo's stocking.

9. Celebrate Christmas with Batman and Mo-mo! This will get it's own post tomorrow.

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  1. I LOVE LIST ITEM NUMBER 5!!!! Can't wait to print them off. While I like the instant gratification of seeing pictures immediately on a digital camera, I still like 'real' pictures on paper. Got to get me one of those "Grandma's Brag Books" to put the photos in.